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7. IP projekts Nr. 61378 - EUROLEGUME
(„Enhancing of legumes growing in Europe through sustainable cropping for protein supply for food and feed”)
Scientifical activities
• Broadening of genetic diversity in breeding trough evaluation of local genetic resources
Objective - to evaluate the performance of local genetic resources of pea and faba bean accessions for potential benefits in regard to selective breeding for site-specific abiotic and biotic conditions.
- Plant phenotyping to relate genetic information and plant traits for efficient breeding approaches;
- Evaluation of plant performance according to quality parameters in different macro climatic zones;
- Development of NIR technologies for quality parameter evaluation in breeding.
- Evaluation of genetic resources by using DNA markers.
Responcible person: A. Kokare
• Legume supported cropping system in sustainable agriculture
Objectives - to contribute to improvement of sustainability of faba bean and pea crops in terms of yield parameters, nutritional value, tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, efficiency of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF), nitrogen utilization efficiency (including both uptake efficiency and allocation to vegetative parts and seeds within the plants), in Europe through efficient cultivation systems.
- To introduce new genotypes characterized by high nutritional value from different geographical regions in local cropping systems and also by exploiting/introducing available genetic resources in active cropping systems and to evaluate the influence of legumes on the following crops in rotation and as intercrop;
- To evaluate the influence of different Rhizobia strains and AMF on legume performance and soil properties under different agro-climatic conditions and to contribute in detection of the most beneficiary Rhizobial and AMF strains in the field conditions for yield and quality enhancement while reducing the use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers in legume crops and cropping rotations supported by legumes;
- To characterize genetic diversity in landraces/breeding lines/cultivars of cowpea by gene expression studies, develop a comparative analysis under drought stress conditions and strengthen research links between transcriptomic information and stress tolerance which will provide breeders with valuable information.
Responcible person: L. Zarina

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