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Innovative approach to hulless spring cereals and triticale use from health perspective
(Nr. NFI/R/2014/11)
Finansētājs EEZ un Norvēģijas finanšu instruments

Project Promoter:
Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU)
- Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk)
- State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute (SPPBI)
- Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU)
Implementation period
22 months (01.03.2015.–31.12.2016.)
Project overall objective:Project overall aim is to increase a knowledge on impact of triticale and hull-less spring cereal species on human health potential. Indirect aim is to strengthen collaboration between Latvian and Norwegian researchers. Objectives:
• atlasīt un izvērtēt dažādās audzēšanas sistēmās un klimatiskajos apstākļos audzētas tritikāles un kailgraudu miežu un auzu šķirnes;
• to form multidisciplinary group of Latvian and Norwegian researchers for study of triticale and hull-less spring cereals and their products for food;
• to select and evaluate triticale and hull-less spring cereal species grown under different management and climatic conditions;
• to investigate the effect of germinating on chemical composition of triticale, hull-less spring cereals bred in Latvia/Norway;
• to assess quality of selected grains, germinated grains and developed products;
• to carry out clinical studies for evaluation glycemic index (GI) of triticale and hull-less spring cereals grown in Latvia/Norway comparing to tradicional cereal products.
Project Promoter’s costs
673 591.00 EUR, incl. SPPBI – 186 201.00 EUR
Coordinator of the SPPBI
Dr.agr. A.Kronberga, Arta.Kronberga@priekuliselekcija.lv

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